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How do I request a payment from the Home screen?

To request funds from the Home screen, tap "Request" and toggle between the arrows at the top to choose whether you'd like to receive funds via Lightning or On-chain.

If requesting funds via Lightning, enter the amount you'd like to receive in either sats or fiat. Tap "Request X SATS," and an invoice will be generated. Then, simply tap "Share" or "Copy" to send the invoice to the person paying you.

Keep in mind that LN invoices generated in the Fedi app expire 1 hour after they are generated. If the invoice is not paid within 1 hour, you will have to generate and share a new one with the person paying you.

If requesting funds on-chain, simply tap "Share" or "Copy" from the initial screen send the on-chain wallet address to the person from whom you are requesting payment.

Note that you can also toggle to On-chain after generating a LN invoice for a specific amount, and some wallets will recognize the requested amount along with the on-chain address.

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