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How do I receive offline?

You can still receive payments from members of your federation while not connected to the internet by claiming eCash notes that are sent offline. To do this, simply tap "Scan" at the bottom right of the main federation screen to open your phone's camera.

Next, scan or paste the link to the QR code shown to you by the person sending you funds. You will see a message that says "This is an eCash token, do you want to redeem it?" Tap "Continue."

You will see a screen denoting the number of sats to be received and clarifying that you are in offline mode. Tap "Receive X Sats" > "Done." That's it! Once you reconnect to the internet, the funds will be credited to your balance.

Note that if you do not come online and open the Fedi app within 7 days, the sats will be refunded to the sender's balance.

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