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How can I join a new federation?

To join a new federation, you'll need an invitation code from a current member of the federation you'd like to join. Once you have the code, there are two ways to join the federation.

You can either tap the name of your existing federation at the top of your screen to pull up the list of your current federations and tap "+ Add a Federation" at the bottom to pull up the camera scanner. Alternatively, you can pull up the camera scanner by tapping "Scan" on the Home screen.

Once you have the camera open, simply paste or scan the QR for the federation invite code. Next, tap "Continue" on the Welcome screen and read through the Terms & Conditions. Once you accept the terms, you'll be prompted to create your username.

Once you've registered your username, tap "Continue to Fedi" and that's it - you're in! Note that usernames cannot be changed once created, so make sure you choose something you're comfortable with. Many users elect to use pseudonyms to keep their identities private in the app.

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