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How do I provision a Fedimint guardian server?

To provision a guardian server using Clovyr, head to and click "Launch" on the Fedimint Guardian card. Note that Clovyr does not require any personal information or signup to initially provision a server.

On the next screen, you can select to host your server with Clovyr or somewhere else (Linode, DigitalOcean, or AWS). Clovyr offers free hosting for the first week, after which point you will have to create an account and pay with Bitcoin or a credit card.

Once you've selected your hosting provider, click "Review." On the next page, click "Launch."

At this point, the Fedimint Guardian will begin initializing. Be sure to not close your browser tab or window during this process as it will prevent the server from launching. After a few minutes, you should see "Success!" This lets you know your Fedimint Guardian server is up and running!

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