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Now that I've provisioned my server, how can I run the setup ceremony?

The setup ceremony adheres to a Leader / Follower structure where the Setup Leader inputs the consensus configuration parameters like the federation name, number of guardians, etc. and kicks off the ceremony. The followers join the ceremony and verify the leader's configuration.

Note that any one of the guardians can act as the leader as there is no functional difference between the leader and the followers; the leader is simply the first guardian to join the setup ceremony and is charged with inputting the consensus settings.

Accordingly, the first step to run the setup ceremony once your server has been provisioned is to determine which guardian will act as the leader and who will act as the followers. The leader should see the Leader Guide, and everyone else should adhere to the Follower Guide.

Lastly, all guardians should have a secure way to communicate before commencing the setup ceremony since you will need to share verification codes with one another as a check that everyone is safely connected before kicking off the consensus mechanism.


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